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Public Liability Certificate- What you need to know?

Public Liability Insurance aims to cover the legal claims made by a client or someone for property.

Employers’ Liability Certificate - What you need to know?

An employer liability insurance covers claims based on injuries to employees or their dependents caused by accidents in the workplace.

What is IR35 & why it matters to contractors?

IR35 rules are a set of tax laws designed to tax 'disguised' employees and applicable to workers who work for clients through an intermediary.

What is the difference between nonprofit and charity?

The difference between a charity and a non-profit organisation is often unclear. To avoid tax issues and restrictions

Public Liability Insurance Certificate: Do I Need One?

A public liability insurance certificate is a legal document that summarises the key details of your public liability insurance.

What is the difference between Professional Indemnity and Public Liability

Professional indemnity and public liability insurance remain the most essential insurance products for small and medium business owners.