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What is Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance covers legal costs, expenses and awarded damages which you may incur in defence of a claim alleging that you have provided poor advice, services or designs that cause your client to suffer a loss.

A small mistake can have a big impact on your work, reputation and bank balance. Protect yourself & your business with our professional indemnity insurance. Our insurers offer protection for freelancers, contractors, sole traders and limited companies with high-quality advice; while we offer a no-obligation free quote service.

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Why do I need Professional Indemnity insurance?

Professional indemnity insurance is not a legal requirement, however, without it, you risk you and your business potentially having to pay out huge sums to successful claimants. The benefits of taking out cover are as follows:

  • Financial Protection from Lawsuits
  • Peace of Mind
  • Increased credibility
  • The smooth running of your business
  • Your service may be more attractive to potential clients
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What does Professional Indemnity insurance cover?

Most Professional Indemnity insurance policies cover the following:

  • Business owners, freelancers and the self-employed if clients claim a service is inadequate
  • Any organisation that provides a professional service being sued for negligence, delivering the wrong training or making a mistake which cost their clients money
  • Upto £5M of Indemnity
  • Legal expenses

Frequently asked questions

Professional indemnity insurance should be a priority if your business provides services, advice and consultancy to clients
Professional indemnity cover is not a legal requirement however it is extremely useful to businesses who provide a service or advice to clients
We have indemnity cover ranging from £50K / £100K / £250K / £500K / £1M / £5M.
Public liability insurance covers claims of injury, illness or property damage of members of the public while professional indemnity insurance protects your business against claims made by clients relating to a service or advice that you provided to them.
While professional indemnity cover protects you against claims made by clients relating to damages caused by the use of your service or your advice, it does not cover reputational damage caused.