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What risks do soft play owners face?

Owning and fully running an Inflatable and soft play equipment centre comes with risks such as accident, damage, repair, etc. If appropriate measures are not taken to protect your equipment from any kind of emergency, it might cost you a significant amount which you may not be able to cover at the time.

We offer a wide array of insurance solutions designed explicitly for the Inflatable and leisure play equipment industry, the types of equipment ranging from Bouncy Castles, Sumo Suits, Inflatable Slides, and Bouncy Boxing, Gladiator/Pole Jousts, Giant Garden Games, Assault Courses, Bungee Runs and Climbing Walls.

Smart Sure’s Equipment Hire Insurance entails the following benefits:

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What types of insurance do Inflatables and Bouncy Castles Owners need?

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance protects you and your company against claims made by members of the public in relation to damage or personal injury. Many inflatable hire companies find this cover to be essential as it provides necessary protection against large claims from members of the public.

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Employer’s liability insurance

Employer’s liability insurance protects you and your business against legal claims made against you by your employees. Your employee can hold your business liable if any injury happens while carrying on their duties.

If you happen to be a small business, you could risk losing your business altogether. This is why employer’s liability insurance was made compulsory in 1969.

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Material damage/stock cover

Certain risks come with owning inflatables & soft play equipment, such as material/stock damages. This insurance cover protects your stock/inflatables and other special equipment from liabilities due to damages caused during storage or on hire.

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Business interpretation

Any damage caused to the property, business, and such might interrupt your business. Business interruption cover protects your business from financial disruption caused by a number of factors.

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Frequently asked questions

Though this is not a legal essential, many businesses find public liability to be essential. Large business owners/ local authorities will insist on keeping the public liability indemnity limit to at least £5m as a pre-requisite to the tender.
Yes. There is a legal obligation to keep an employer’s liability insurance since an employee is said to be an individual who works for the insured, whether paid or not.
This scheme is set to ensure and inspect that all the play equipment kept for the children is made to recognisable standards.